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Global Helicopter Pilots Association

Box # 36054
Hillcrest Village PO
Surrey, BC
V3S 2Y5

Phone 604-576-4354

For normal messaging to any of the GHPA Executive, please contact us at: association@ghpa.ca OR,

Your Executive

-Allan Moore – President allanmoore@ghpa.ca

-Karim Krey – 1st Vice-President karimkrey@ghpa.ca

-Luke Yosca – 2nd Vice-President lukeyosca@ghpa.ca

-Marc Provencher – Treasurer marcprovencher@ghpa.ca

-James (Jim) Whately – Secretary jimwhately@ghpa.ca


-Kristi Humphrey - Executive Administrative Assistant kristihumphrey@ghpa.ca

Base Representatives

Atyrau Kazakhstan Oleg Kirsanov olegkirsanov@ghpa.ca 
Bata EG Luke Yosca lukeyosca@ghpa.ca
Malabo EG Marc Provencher marcprovencher@ghpa.ca
Miri Malaysia Allan Moore allanmoore@ghpa.ca
Miri Malaysia Karim Krey karimkrey@ghpa.ca
Nakhon Si Tham. Thailand Jim Whately jimwhately@ghpa.ca
Utapao Thailand Jim Whately jimwhately@ghpa.ca

We will strive to return your e-mail as soon as we possibly can, but please remember that we are working pilots first and foremost and that we may be unavailable at times.

Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at any time with your inquiries. Thank you.