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Advantages of Certification Minimize

Without certification, our employer can amend our terms of employment unilaterally. They don’t have to consult or bargain with us. Where terms of employment are negotiated without a collective agreement, employers may violate or unilaterally change the terms. Our employers can even ignore or dismiss the dispute resolution provisions of a voluntary agreement. In these cases, employees can only seek recourse and enforcement through long and expensive court action. Our employer has other bargaining units which are certified, and those units have the advantage of additional rights under labour law and a stronger bargaining position with the employer, further disadvantaging non-unionized professional pilots


GHPA Complements Professional Values Minimize

The GHPA’s sole purpose is to address these problems and enhance professional values in the workplace. The core principles of unionism are consistent with professionalism, and both movements can trace part of their histories to the guild movements in the 1800s where workers with particular sets of skills in common joined together both to protect their control over those skills and to protect their economic position. Many professional codes, for instance, indicate that members have a duty to see that they are adequately compensated for their work.


The Certification Process Simplified Minimize

Section 8(1) of the Canada Labour Code (Part I - Industrial Relations) states:

"8.(1) Every employee is free to join the trade union of his choice and to participate in its lawful activities."

Employees may join together and seek representation by a trade union to have a "collective" voice in determining their wages and other terms and conditions of employment with their employers. This is the essence of collective bargaining.

Why join the GHPA? Minimize

Much of the following information has been adapted from two labour websites—the Professional Employees Association (PEA) , and the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union (COPE), both with Headquarters in British Columbia.

Are we professionals? Minimize

There are times when we’ve all felt like common labourers. But if you have seen the movie “Catch Me If You Can” you will remember young Frank Abignale posing as a PanAm Airline Pilot. Much to his initial surprise he is stopped on the street by admiring “fans”, men and women both turn their heads to watch him walk by in his uniform, bank tellers, bank managers, hotel concierges, etc., all treat him with respect and admiration.


Why the GHPA? Minimize

The Global Helicopter Pilots Association is a group of and for professional pilots. The Executive, once elected, are pilots engaged in the day to day activities common to all the members.


Our Constitution Minimize

Below is the GHPA Constitution. Please read it and send any suggestions or comments to: association@ghpa.ca.

Thank you.

GHPA Constitution

Professionals Need Representation Too Minimize

As a professional pilot, our employer depends on us to take on important responsibilities. We have unique skills and training and have helped shape our employers’ organization into what it is today. Our work is self-directed and often requires that we train others and advise appropriate courses of action. Often our decisions and actions affect the security and well being of others. Above all, we always do what it takes to get the job done.