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GHPA Complements Professional Values Minimize

While our employer did at one time respect professional skills and values, competitive pressures to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and maximize profits have left little room for that respect to be demonstrated. In many cases, increasing workloads have meant that professional standards have been compromised as well.

Rather than being contrary to professional values, the GHPA will offer a strong defence of those values. An organized association makes it possible for our professional pilots to come together to represent their own interests to our employer, to talk about the unique issues we face, and to deal with the problems that arrive in a constantly changing workplace. A professional association will allow professional pilots to gain a say in their workplace through negotiation with management. It will also allow us to determine how that say will be expressed. An association is the only guarantee that we will have a voice in our workplace and that we'll be regarded as equals in setting the terms and conditions of our work.

Joining the GHPA is the only legal guarantee that the agreements reached with our employer can be enforced quickly and easily. It's the only guarantee of an impartial process for resolving problems that arise between our employer and professional pilots.