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Professionals Need Representation Too Minimize

We’ve always done what it takes to get the job done. We’ve made silk purses out of sow’s ears. Which makes it hard to understand why we don’t always get the respect we deserve in the workplace. Senior management has to run the place, that’s true. But shouldn’t they also listen to the professionals who have the expertise to get the work done?

Now more than ever we face a number of problems:

  • Lack of job satisfaction
  • Lack of salary protection and parity
  • Inconsistent treatment
  • Lack of say in scheduling
  • Lack of recognition for overtime
  • No say in hiring or promotion
  • No coherent voice in dealing with the employer
  • No impartial process for resolving complaints
  • No protection against unfair treatment

The workplace has become increasingly more demanding and tenuous a place for professional pilots. How did this come about, particularly at a time when our skills and experience are facing a global shortage?

We not only find ourselves in more demanding and sometimes unpleasant positions but also face increasing pressure to keep ourselves current and valued. Despite this obvious decline in respect, many pilots still believe that individual or collegial relations with the employer are most appropriate to professional values. Those values include personal responsibility for work and assignments, independence of action and judgment, and an abiding commitment to a professional code and duties. An association or unionism is dismissed as a mode of relations that emphasizes collective action rather than individual responsibility, replaces independent judgment with executive or mass decision making, and sacrifices professional responsibility to the picket line.

But more and more professionals are organizing to have a collective voice. Recent certifications include a group of lawyers working for a BC Law Society and helicopter engineers in BC who joined the CAW.  The GHPA can proudly proclaim its rightful place amongst an ever-growing group of professionals that have organized themselves for the betterment of the collective.  

There is much work ahead to continue the growth and development of the GHPA, but great strides have been made in the few short years since the inception of the GHPA and with the support and commitment from the membership, the GHPA will continue to serve its members for many years to come.