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Why the GHPA? Minimize

Since the GHPA successfully gained certification we come under the same law that applies to other labour unions and have the same rights. Our employer(s) will have the same obligations to us as they do to their other unions.

The GHPA understands the unique concerns of professional pilots. 'unionism and professionalism don't mix.' 'A collegial approach is better than an adversarial one.' 'A union will take away my independence and freedom. ' 'If we unionize we'll have to strike.' 'If we unionize we'll destroy our relationship with our employer.' The GHPA will deal with each of these concerns as a collective group, and encourage, promote and maintain enlightened and innovative principles of labour relations.

The GHPA is built around the community of interest shared by professional pilots. In the GHPA, pilots are not a minority interest group.

In the GHPA, members decide what goes into our corrective agreements, not the elected leadership. In our organization there will be no 'union bosses' to tell you what will and won't be included in our contract terms. Aside from required statutory and union security terms, the contract proposals we take into any bargaining round are the ones approved by the members of that bargaining unit - nobody else.

Unlike other unions, the GHPA constitution has no membership discipline provision. We know our members are independent, thinking people. The GHPA will not act against members who do not abide by its leaders wishes. When the GHPA Executive wants members to pursue a certain action it will rely on persuasion, not coercion.

Our collective agreements will contain chases not found in stanched union contracts. Some special features may include an innovative method of determining seniority for postings and new types of machinery, and for the right to have bargaining disputes settled by arbitration rather than strikes and lockouts.

The GHPA will strive to be effective, not reckless. We will seek out innovative and conciliatory negotiating techniques, imaginative and wise options to reach agreement.